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I don't usually send in letters but I have to compliment your company for accomodating me. I have been using your products to help me sleep and was very close to running out before replenishing my order.

J. D. | Miami, FL

Jamie, your customer service representative arranged to somehow overnight me shipment of CBDQ9 night tincture and gifted me with a sample of your patches which I tried and was surprised at how quickly I felt relief. I had been suffering from neck and shoulder pain - your patch worked very fast inside of 30 minutes I felt more relaxd and better! I am a CBDQ9 fan! Your company and people are wonderful. Thank you.

Debbie Jones

Just a note to thank you for including a sample of CBDQ9 patch included in my order last week. I tried it and it really works. I need to know if it can be used in concert with my regimen to use tincture at same time or if to use during separate times and how long in between but will tell you that I am a new customer of your patch. Thank you!

Sandra Daniels

I chatted with Doris online and wanted to compliment her understanding of not only your products and CBD attributes but how it applied to me and my needs specifcially. She was very patient and knowledgeable. Thought your company execs should know that she helped identify wich products to use and at which time (CBDQ9 day and night time tincture) and that I am grateful.

Thank you for sending me a smaple of your pain relief cream with my order. I tried it and I felt relief on my knees which have been a constant source of chronic pain. I've tried a lot of different products. Your cream and maybe combined with your night tincture which I have been using for a year now, made me feel better for the first time in a long time. I see that you have relatively small package available...Looks like about one month supply. Please let me know what other size containers of CBDQ9 pain cream are available and if there is an expiration date on this product.

I wanted to send your company a note to make you aware of a very wonderful experience I had with a customer representative of yours named Doris. I had many questions of which almost all were answered intelligently and with a serious understanding of how CBD and your products work. I explained a few of the issues that I have been dealing with (difficulty sleeping and neck, shoulder and back pain). She asked me very poignant and specific questions and then recommended some of your products and how and when to apply them. I purchased them online which were shipped to me very quickly. I followed her recommendations and applied CBDQ9 cream and doses of tinctures oil and felt a significant amount of relief only after a day, and felt even more relief days later. She and your products helped me relax and forget my constant chronic pain for now. I have tried other products which did not work - I will continue to buy your products. Is there a discount or coupon for returning customers? I am very appreciative and grateful. Thank you thank you.