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Meet Our Team

James Whitehead | President, Affiliate-Educator Division

CBDQ.(9) Co-Founder James Whitehead, a career professional with over 23 years experience in the cannabis industry.

As the owner of Cannabis Medical Centre, Vancouver Islands (B.C. Canada) first cannabis specialty medical clinic, James worked daily with Canada’s leading medical cannabis doctors and top licensed producers to connect thousands of patients to top quality information and solutions based outcomes under the ACMPR program. 

In 2015 James started Medijuana Dispensaries (Operating today as Clarity Cannabis Inc. 20+ locations) which grew to include three locations, and one of Canada’s largest online cannabis marketplaces. As owner of the dispensaries James has achieved many milestones including becoming the first Canadian Dispensary to obtain insurance after demonstrating strict compliance to all required business practices.

Working closely with municipal and local governments James has created a unique network of zoned, licensed, insured and approved dispensaries. Serving over 150,000 active clients has given James direct experience with hundreds of products and thousands of patient conditions in his quest to provide only the highest quality, safe and effective cannabis based medicines.

CDBQ.(9) is the result of a uncompromising dedication to create only the very best CBD products and CBD education for the Global marketplace. James knows that people rely on CBD for an improved quality of life. Informed by a life changing motorcycle accident several years ago, James’s place in the cannabis industry has been developed from the perspective of first hand personal need, and empathy for cannabis use. With CBDQ(.9) he has continued his trend of excellence in the cannabis industry and searched extensively to find only the finest quality U.S. grown, extracted, refined and formulated CBD products to assist himself and others in the process of recovery and healing. 

Doris Harrison | President of Affiliate-Educator Recruitment  

Doris has been an entrepreneur and expert in sales for 24 years.  Her focus for the last decade has been in the Health and Wellness industry and she is a huge proponent of the use of cannabis products in her field.  Full spectrum CBD in particular has made a world of difference for her friends, family, clients and herself and she has a passion for sharing it.  
Doris was a co-founder of CBD Therapeutics, leading a team of Educators from coast to coast in Canada.  As an Educator herself, she understands the personal satisfaction that comes from helping others take back their lives through the knowledge and application of this amazing plant. 
Within CBDQ.(9), Doris is dedicated to providing a platform for other like-minded individuals to take on and excel in our Affiliate-Educator role!


Eli Fox | Head of Production

Chiara Di Noia | Operations Administrator

Chiara is our beloved Operations Administrator.

As our Operations Administrator Chiara brings joy, laughter and energy to the office every single day. She supports all departments including our e-commerce site and manages the daily operations of our company. She helps maintain our educator/affiliate program and handles isolated customer requests that require special attention. 

"It's been a challenge to oversee and ensure smooth and efficient daily operations from home this year but it's been very satisfying - the day flies by and it feels good to help our team and customers. My goal is to demonstrate that we are a first in class, highly organized operation. I will do whatever I can to help and continue to grow a loyal base of friendships”.

Chiara is originally from Italy but moved to the United States in 2015 to follow her ambitious dreams. She graduated from Palm Beach Atlantic University with a Bachelor in Marketing and a minor in Graphic Design. 

Victor Pecora | Marketing Officer

Victor Pecora is our passionate Marketing Officer who plans and oversees the organization’s marketing activities and campaigns. His great enthusiasm for all things marketing CBD coupled with his marketing expertise makes him the perfect person to lead CBDQ.(9) .
He supports all departments with their marketing activities and events to raise brand awareness, promotional campaigns for existing and new product launches. A true team player with a customer-oriented approach Victor has been an invaluable component in making CBDQ.(9) available to those in need. Victor holds a  BSc/BA degree in marketing and business administration from Florida International University. 

Carlos De Larosa | Master Mixologist

Carlos is our Master Mixologists. He works with only the highest grade CBDQ.(9), its signature ingredients and natural flavors to develop alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages. He is the alchemist behind the delicious taste of our classic drinks including our Ice teas and lemonades which include  broad-spectrum hemp extract and only 5 calories a can. He is constantly developing new methods for developing unique recipes, so stay tuned in for line extensions including colas, ales, and sparkling waters. “I love what I do and love that the CBDQ.(9) team gives me the flexibility to deliver a better product than expected and best product in the market. There is nothing more satisfying than combining good and good for you”. 

Richard Pareda | Stakeholder Relations

Richard communicates all matters related to strategy, forward look plan, budget, annual results to our financial partners and bridges the gap between our management team and our stake holders. 
He provides internal partners with an external perspective on RBC and industry-various issues and works proactively and collaboratively with suppler  partners. He helps coordinate workflow, provide active coaching to analysts, as well as those in rotational positions (FMDP, GLP) to drive quarterly reporting and disclosure to our distribution partners and potential acquisition partners. 

I trust in the CBDQ.(9 team and believe in our mission. My primary role is to free up our team of the regulatory, compliance and accounting tasks so that they can do what they do best: Nourish, Energize and Heal.

Ralph Mizraji | CEO 

Ralph Mizraji is Chief Executive Officer of CBDQ.(9), which in 2020, escalated its relationship with The Pecora Group LLC to joint venture and expand a CBD branded platform based in the USA. Mizraji signed CBDQ.(9) to a national distribution agreement with Southern Glazers Wine and Spirits, the largest distribution company in the country to distribute its products and secured a forward look complete 50 state distribution network. "I am proud to be part of a team made up of genuine and sincere CBDQ.(9) educators that month after month and year after year, stay true to our mission. This remarkable group is dedicated to helping those in need of healing". 

Previously, Mizraji launched a revolutionary augmented/virtual reality broadcast channel and app through Apple iTunes and was the co-founder and CEO of Touchtone Communications, a telecommunication aggregation service that was acquired by AT&T. Additional work experience includes holding a variety of ownership and key executive and financial positions after attending Florida International University. 

Mizraji is and activist on several philanthropic fronts including ONE funded almost entirely by a handful of philanthropists and foundations. We achieve change through advocacy. ONE is a campaigning and advocacy organization of 3.5 million people taking action to end extreme poverty and preventable disease around the world. Please reach out directly @